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I’ve always liked this place the way the silence fills the space, it feels a little lonely and little bit like home to me, the way the sunlight’s streaming through the stained glass windows on the pews I feel like I’m alone with you and I can talk to you again.

I wish I wasn’t who I am, but what am I to do with that, I wake up in this body every day wether I want to or not.

And my wife thinks I’ve got a pretty heart, but it’s hard to see it in the dark, and I’ve been closing all the window shades, for days, and I’ve been losing hope that things can change, cause’ people don’t. They stay the same, and I’ve been the same for so long.

[c] I need a miracle. I need a miracle. I need a miracle.

I’ve been pushing all my friends away, cause’ I think I’ve started to believe that everything is temporary, and everybody leaves one day, and I’ve burnt some bridges in the past, some I’ve burnt because I had to, some I burnt because it hurt too much to leave them standing. Now, I’m standing here at the edge, wondering what went through my head, the night I lit the match, and sat watching them during down.

And if they’re on the other side, listening to the songs I write, and if they know I’m sorry, and I wish I wasn’t so broken, I need a miracle


from Good Morals and High Standards, released August 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Andrew Dempsen Spokane, Washington

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