There was a church House,
way up in the hills of the mountains
As white as a snowy morning
Before the plows come through
I was a boy then
Wide-eyed and bright-eyed and stupid
With not idea what I was doing
Just wanted somewhere to belong

But I saw who
Was hiding right behind the curtain
Got a front row seat to the circus
Saw the people of God
I saw a church split
Over guitars and a drum kit
Heard harsh words from the pulpit
Saw the lines being drawn

I saw the fights breaking out
Between the people and preachers
Between the students and teachers
Between the men of the cloth

I hung my head low
Slipped right out of the back row
Down the stairs to the side door
And wondered around for a while
(Or a couple years, I don’t really remember)

I lost some friends who
I still miss when I think back
And some that I’m not really sure have
Realized that I’ve gone

But I got a hole in me
The size of a church in the country
The size of a father and family
The size of a God I can’t see

But I don’t think that God lives in houses
Built by men with good morals and high standards
There’s so much that I don’t understand
There’s so much I may never understand

I’m not asking to come back,
I’m not even sure if I want that
It’s just all of these roads that I walk down
Keep leading me right back to you.


from Good Morals and High Standards, released August 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Andrew Dempsen Spokane, Washington

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