Hey, preacher please explain why things have to be this way
I don’t think I understand why things like this just “have to happen”
Please don’t tell me to have faith, and answers come to those who wait, ‘cause I’ve been waiting patiently, but even know I’m halfway out the door.

Hey Preacher please tell me, what it is that you see when you
Look at all this suffering, and when you get an answer get at me, ‘cause I’ve been waiting patiently, but even now I’m halfway out the door

And I
Don’t want to give up yet
I still want to believe
I still want to believe
But you’re making it hard
So much harder on me

Hey preacher please explain, ‘cause I’ve been losing sleep and faith, and nobody can tell me why everything good has gone away
And why I lost my brother to the dark, and his bloods still on my hands and heart, and I’ve been praying fervently, but even now I’m halfway out the door.

Just say what you mean, it’s getting hard to read between the the lines and things are marginalized and often mean the opposite of what you think you should I tell someone like me I need somebody to tell me what I should do to keep my faith from seeping out the window while I sleeping, I’m sinking deeper into the ether,
i have seasons of faith and seasons of doubt. I feel very doubtful of my faith. I know Jesus doesn't need my vote of confidence. i do. Six pack of brews and i'm
in over my head. i miss believing. i'm too easily deceived. I don't sleep well. well, maybe i should have trusted you. who's got my back? these days are lonely like the little prince, who's got his planet. crashing of the surface of a world who has damned itself to hell. hell, i need i minute, take a crash course in apologetics or genetics find a cure for the universe. but i believe in devolution. No solution. everything is breaking down. I have no answers I only have this faith Based on something I believed in when I was only eight and something stuck, and I've been stubborn and I've tried to shrug it off, but i can't disregard it. it's all I have.


from Good Morals and High Standards, released August 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Andrew Dempsen Spokane, Washington

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